Who was The Drouthy Cobbler?

John Shanks (1758 – 1841) was a cobbler, living on the north side of Elgin High Street. Appointed keeper of Elgin Cathedral in about 1824, he immediately set to work to clear away the accumulated rubbish that had remained there since the collapse of the central tower in 1711. John removed 3000 barrowfuls of rubbish, laid bare the foundations of the pillars, the elevations at the altar and the steps at the West Gate. No-one who knew this Elgin shoemaker in 1824 had the slightest idea that he would ever be celebrated as the restorer and saviour of the ‘Lantern of the North’. His thirst for whisky garnered him the 'drouthy' sobriquet - drouthy being an old Scots word for thirsty, especially a keen thirst for strong liquor!


What are the opening hours of The Drouthy Cobbler?

Monday - Thursday 4pm - 12.30am

Friday 2pm - 1.30am

Saturday 12pm - 1.30am

Sunday 12pm - 12.30am


Are you a dog friendly venue?

We love dogs and have an outdoor seating area which is protected from the elements by awnings and heaters. We do not however allow dogs inside the building.


Can I book a table?

Yes, we are delighted that you want to dine with us and are happy to take table reservations for meals - please book here or call 01343 596000.

We do not currently book tables for drinks only.


Is there a dress code?

Please wear whatever you feel comfortable in - we do not have a set dress code.


Are children welcome at The Drouthy Cobbler?

Of course, children are more than welcome.  We don't have a children's menu but we can offer a children's portion of most dishes.


Can I use American Express here?

Yes, we accept most major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


Do you cater for people who follow vegetarian, vegan or gluten free diets?

Yes we do. We have several dishes available on our standard menus which cater for people who follow vegetarian, vegan or gluten free diets. Additionally, many dishes can be adapted to suit dietary requirements.  Please review our current menus and don't hesitate to get in touch for further information.


Where can I buy some of the many fine spirits that you stock?

Hop on over to our gin & whisky bottle shop and get them there!  If you choose click-and-collect you can pick up purchased items at the bar.